No Talking – EX-76 & EX-84 – Just Playing – –

Michael Goldsmith is back! This time with our EX-76 & EX-84. Enjoy!


Harley Benton – No Talking – TE-20 – ST62 – SC-450 – Just Playing –

Time for another Round of our No Talking series. This time Michael is hauling out the Harley Benton TE-20, St-62 and SC-450. Enjoy!?


Harley Benton – No Talking – SC-Custom Active vs. Passive – Just Playing —

Active pickups or passive? What is the difference in sound anyhow? Well in this No Talking episode Michael will be playing both! The Harley Benton SC-Custom Active as well as the regular SC-Custom with passive pickups. What do you think? Which one do you prefer?


Harley Benton – Pedal Demo – No Talking – Chorus – Drive – Flanger – Delay – Wah –

One guitar player, a clean amp and five pedals. This is what you get! Check the wide range of sonic capabilities skin you can get from such few pedals. Such as the Harley Benton CH-5 Chorus, the Digital Delay, our Crunch Distortion, the FL-5 Flanger and the WP-60 Wah. And we are glad to have Michael in charge for this acoustic pleasure!


Harley Benton – Fusion-II HSH NT Roasted – NO TALKING –

It’s time to hear the Harley Benton Fusion-II HSH NT Roasted in a mix. So if you are looking for a guitar that does it all, the Fusion II is for you!